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The tool focuses on simplicity and ease of use, features include:


Check out the app in action on YouTube.

This is how the app looks after importing a directory of 200 images.

Main Xpano gui

Built with

The app uses the excellent OpenCV library for image manipulation and its stitching module for computing the panoramas.

Other dependencies include imgui, SDL, spdlog, Catch2, nativefiledialog-extended, alpaca, thread-pool, expected, Exiv2, multiblend, SIMDe and the Google Noto fonts.


Install directly from Flathub or the Microsoft Store:

Download from Flathub  Download from the Microsoft Store

Get additional packages:

Command line

Xpano has basic CLI support, you can either run it fully automatic in the command line, or launch to gui with the --gui flag.

Xpano [<input files>] [--output=<path>] [--gui] [--help] [--version]


Check out the build instructions for MacOS, Linux and Windows.


Distributed under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. See the license page for more information.